The Musical Cats

Topics: Dance, Cat, Tap dance Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: December 9, 2008
Usually I only enjoy realistic musicals that contain scenes based on truth and reality. Recently I came across the musical cats and even though it goes against everything I agree a great musical is. Cats are one of the most creative and enjoyable musicals I’ve seen. I even believe that musicals are deeper then what it appears to be . This essay will contain what the musical cats was about, and my personal opinion about it.

The cats in the musical weren’t just normal everyday cats. They were special cats with different characteristics, and personalities. In the beginning of the musical they7 introduced themselves as Jellicle cats. That is magical, mystical but most important religious Jellicle being the best cats. Each cat looked different, some fat or small and they even had there on style of dancing They also expresses that the naming of a cat is most important. They showed the importance of naming, by their song and movements. It seemed more serious because their movement was structured and perfected. All the cats came together, and we in different levels, whispering the importance of naming soon after the cats exited the stage. A white lady cat had a small solo part. In that she revealed her flexibility, but even while doing that she stayed graceful and feminine but sill portrayed her cat like qualities. Jennie had on a big fury bear boots, which hide her true identity. Some of the cats took off her coat and boots, and revealed a gold shiny outfit. She then began to tap dance, New York Broadway, style, there were other cats behind her like soldiers marching. That showed she had honor and high respect from other cats.

All the cats come together once a year for the Jellicle ball During the end of the ball , the Jellicle leader (old Deuteronomy) chooses one cat in particular who can be reborn. Then come back to a different Jellicle life, with happiness. All of the cats wait expectations of who will be chosen but before its revealed they all come together in...
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