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Topics: Cancer, Nutrition, Types of cancer Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Oct. 2, 2010 Jaspreet Dhariwal Div.1 Cancer
In the world, millions of people die because of cancer. Cancer is a deadly disease which usually starts because of diet issues and uncontrollable cell growth. You might have read about cancer or seen someone with it. Terry Fox was a Canadian hero who ran across Canada to raise money for cancer research. There are some ways to get rid of cancer and avoid it too. To get rid of cancer you should show the doctor as fast as you can and to avoid it you should mainly be strict on your diet. You should eat more plant foods like fruits and vegetables and less fat foods like chips and fries. In this report I will be talking about types of cancer, effects of cancer, causes of cancer, avoidance and me, and some stuff about Terry Fox. Jaspreet Dhariwal

There are roughly around 200 types of cancer. They are usually named after where they start. Some cancers are bone cancer, lung cancer, blood cancer, and skin cancer. Bone cancer, which is also called sarcoma often starts in the leg and arm. Terry fox had bone cancer in his right leg. Lung cancer starts in the lungs. It is also called mesothelioma and is mostly caused because of smoking. Even if you don’t smoke, but live in an area where many people smoke you can get lung cancer. Blood cancer which is also called leukemia starts in the tissue that forms blood. Skin cancer is cancer that is formed on your skin. Excessive use of sunlight on your body can cause skin cancer. Skin cancer can be removed by getting surgery. Some of the effects of cancer are death, anger, sadness, depression, stress, fear, and anxiety. Cancer can be caused by many things. A common cause is smoking. Smoking is very harmful to your body. Even if you don’t smoke and you’re with someone who is smoking can get you cancer. Eating fat foods can also get you cancer. You should eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. I eat a lot of...
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