The Multinational Organization

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The Multinational OrganizationCAP/GM591February 10, 2014
The products UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) offers are great tools for many consumers around the world. Hedge funds, business and private banking are products among many other products designed to help the consumer’s financial needs. Iraq is a country with many financial problems triggered by years of oppression and corruption. The United States government and different bank institutions around the world are forming a coalition to help improve the economy of Iraq by bringing access to the outside financial world with products that will be accessible by the regular consumer. More financial options with more financial institutions for the citizens of Iraq will help them with their financial needs and at the same time help improve the Iraqi economy. The Multinational OrganizationIntroduction

UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) provides banking and financial services to many countries around the world in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia. One country in the Middle East UBS does not provide service in is Iraq. In recent months, the United States government called on JP Morgan Chase & Co. to run an U.S. operated bank in Iraq along with thirteen other countries, in order to manage imports and exports in Iraq. ("Bloomberg", n.d.) In a virtually new market like Iraq, UBS could bring competition that will bring more choices to their potential customers as well as they would be able to help boost an economy that is struggling and needs help from such organizations like JP Morgan Chase and UBS. Choices Overview

UBS is a very diverse global financial services company, headquartered in Basel & Zürich, Switzerland. It is the largest manager of private wealth assets in Europe and the world, by market capitalization as well as profitability. Because of UBS’ leading position within the Global Wealth Management market it is very much at the cutting edge of delivering products and...

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