The Movie a Beautiful Mind Is About a Genius Mathematician

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A Beautiful Mind Extra Credit assignment

The Movie a Beautiful mind is about a genius mathematician, named John Nash. Unfortunately, enough for him his future is not as bright as his genius like capabilities. He attends Princeton as a graduate student who believes that his genius like abilities are at a higher-level than the rest of his class, not only them but his professors His monumental talents of code breaking in mid thought are one for the records.. When settling in to his single while glaring out the window to gaze at an interactive social scene Nashes imaginary roommate Charles appears. Charles is a very nice mine who is full of life and usually only appears when Nash is stressed. Nash does not attend class only for the pure reason that he feels it is of no help and only deter him. In turn Nash is approached by the head master who tells him before he works he must finish his thesis paper. Nash decides to work on something never thought about, an original theory. His original theory and it disproved the original theory of game theory. He added to the concept of governing dynamics. He was then forth appointed at MIT. He also works for pentagon and helps them break codes. On his second trip to the pentagon Nash runs into what he thinks is an agent and follows him to his headquarters where he gives Nash an implant which secretly ties him to his agency. Nash in the long run gets in over his head. His work for the secret agent intensifies when he is on a high speed chase only to see that the two men chasing them are killed by William Parcher, the secret agent Nash works for. He is then slowly but surely going insane leaving his wife Alicia to check Nash into a psychiatric hospital. Nash Then comes to the realization with the help of his wife that Parcher, Charles, and Marci are all a figment of his imagination. He gets out and quickly relapses by not taking his antipsychotic medication. After an altercation with his wife Nash realizes that he Marci is not real and this told Alicia that her husband is recovering at his own pace. He ages and then is assisted back into the real world by his wife Alicia. Although after he says by to his hallucinations they never leave him. He learns to ignore them. They don’t respect his wishes and stay with him until he is old and possibly when he dies. Although he goes crazy on occasions when let out of the house. He is able the control his psychotic episodes more than before.

Nash incurs his psychosis late in life. Although it does not show what triggered it I am sure that his loneliness had a lot to do with the formation of scytzoprainia. Nashes first delusion was in a form of a roommate named Charles. This was a positive delusion who only helped Nash relieve stress. When Nash ends of smashing his head on the mirror because he is frustrated Charles takes him out of his element in an effort for Nash to be relieved of his stress. Another delusion was one that takes on the role of William Parcher, a secret government agent. He was a negative dellision as he made Nash believe that he works for him as a spy. Parcher was the negative side of Charles thoughts while working for the pentagon he became suspicious as to why they has him break codes. Parcher satisfied Nashe’s thoughts. He had Nash find codes in magazines, and newspapers and then mails his gatherings to Washington D.C. daily. With Parcher came thoughts of paranoia. ashes appearance was bad as he did not shower neither sleep or eat because of constant thoughts of paranoia. Nashes living conditions were good as well as for Alicia his wife they were able to afford a wife, who in turn had his child. His delusions caused Nash to miss work. Nash could not leave his house without thoughts of people following him. His third delusion came in the form of Charles niece whose mom was killed in an accident. He becomes entrenched in this lovely little girl who welcomes Nash with love. At his speech in...

Cited: 1. Abnormal Psychology by James N. Butcher, Susan Mineka, Jim M. Hooley
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