The Movie Spanglish

Topics: Téa Leoni, Film, Family Pages: 3 (703 words) Published: September 12, 2011
Running Head: CONFLICTS 1

Interpersonal Conflicts in Films
Marsha Figueroa Beltran
Interpersonal Communication
Instructor Latricia Carter
August 22, 2011

CONFLICTS 2 Interpersonal Conflicts on Films
About the movie, (Spanglish), honestly I can live with how it was written. I can believe that you can learn how to speak English from Spanish in three weeks. However, when it comes to speaking English to Chinese in that same amount of time, you have to stretch your imagination a little bit more. It depends on how dedicated you are to learning it and how much practice you use it in.

The situation that the family is in and the response of all the character are believable. Not all husbands divorce their wives for cheating. Not all loves are consummated. And sometimes, not always, sometimes, if you truly love someone, the best thing you can do is let them go for their sake. I thought it portrayed the relationship between Flor and John perfectly. Sure, it was a little sappy, but it can come true. I am sure that John was tired of it all and was willing to throw that shows the strength of the character that Flor was willing to give up her love for John, for the sake of John and his family. His family, as messed up as they are, need him as the go between that hold everything together and I thought Flor that and made her decision.

The movie had a lot of good things but the end did not seem to work. I think the problem was in Tea Leoni’s character. The performance was good but the problem was in the writing or maybe the editing of the film. It needed a few short scenes centered on her character. The way he has it setup, it seems to be almost a caricature; not a real person. All her scenes have her in a frenzy with very...

References: Brooks, James L. (Director and Producer) (2004) Spanglish (Film) Los Angeles; Gracie Films
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