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Topics: Vietnam War, Platoon, Willem Dafoe Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: December 3, 2013
1. What is your reaction to Platoon? How is it similar and/or different to other war films you have seen? What is the film’s central focus?

After watching "Platoon," I dropped to marveling why Oliver Stone was adept to make such an effective movie without falling into the trick Truffaut talked about - how he made the video riveting without making it exhilarating. Here's how I think he did it. He forsook the choreography that is standard in nearly all war movies. He abandoned any try to make it clear where the diverse forces were in relation to each other, so that we not ever know where "our" side stands and where "they" are. Rather than of assault scenes in which lines are apparently drawn, his battle scenes engage an all together 360 degree qualifications: Any shot might be directed at friend or enemy, and in the despairing hurry of battle, many of his fighters not ever have a clear concept of precisely who they are firing at, or why.

Platoon is one of those movies which once seen will not ever be forgotten, and, at smallest for those who were not in Vietnam, will eternally adjust the way in which the conflict is considered.

The film’s central focus is on Vietnam’s war.

2. What are the political implications and meaning of this film? Explain using examples of scenes in the film.

Platoon manages to be authentically Vietnam while still providing a very good storyline with the two Sergeants and their consequences on juvenile Sheen. The video organizes to use the main plot of the two Sergeants and their dealings with Sheen to really showcase what Vietnam was in a way Apocalypse Now couldn't. For instance, Sergeant Barnes murder of the woman in the town really builds on stress between Barnes and Sergeant Elias and at the identical times gives a glimpse of what the truth of Vietnam was like. While the movie rarely gets into the relationships between the fighters they are all still kept within the context of the war. Neither the edge tracking...

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