The Movie Nell

Topics: Sociology, Human behavior, Psychology Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: October 6, 2008
People tend to make assumptions judging by superficial appearances, and overlook things that don't fit their preconceived idea. They might find things are not at all what they seem when they take time to look and listen a little more closely. This applies greatly to the movie Nell, where Nell is a girl who's been brought up in an isolated world. The only person she knew was her mother and twin sister. For the society, inducting all individual members into its moral norms, attitudes, values, motives, social roles, language and symbols is the ‘means by which social and cultural continuity are attained’

Nell lives in a house, cooks her food, wears clothing and competently performs routine household tasks, she is not a "wild child" or feral child. She seems like one to outsiders at first, because she is scared of strangers, her sometimes ritualistic behavior, and her language. This movie is the best example of the old phrase “Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover”. Which means don't make snap judgments about others because they could be very wrong. This example can be applied to any People magazine where authors of those articles either love and respect these people or hate them for what they have done in life even thought you have never talked to this person in your life. When doctor Jerry went there to declare her mother dead, Nell screamed and fought from fear. Which in my opinion is not so surprising, because how else would you reacted when a stranger comes into your house speaking a language thats unfamiliar to you. Nell did not know it was inappropriate to pull up your dress in a pool hall, but she had never been around that many people in her life she did not know our social rules where its fine for a guy to lift his shirt up but its very inappropriate for her to lift her shirt especially because she is not wearing a bra.

I think this was a great movie to show in class cause it shows Nell's point of view on our manners and other social...
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