The Movie 'Cool Runnings'
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Cool Runnings Essay

The movie “Cool Runnings”, is about four Jamaicans in a bobsled team and their coach. The Jamaicans in the bobsled team were named Derice, Yul, Junior and Zanka. All of them, besides Zanka, ran in the 100 meter sprint in order to go to the Olympics, but failed. The Jamaicans coach’s name is Blitzer, who was once in a bobsled team himself. Since they’re Jamaicans and come from Jamaica the other bobsled teams didn’t think highly of them. In the movie, the characters demonstrated support and honesty which are also traits I possess as a dedicated AVID student. The traits helped the Olympians in the movie reach their goals, and can also help me reach my
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Since Junior had accidentally tripped during the race, he took Derice and Yul down with him. This caused them their only opportunity to go to the Olympics along with Yul’s only chance to escape Jamaica. Derice wants to get another chance to race but can’t, he then gets news about a bobsledder being around town. Derice convinces Irving Blitzer to make a Bobsled team and to train him. Now, the team’s only option was to partake into the bobsled team and win. When the team was finally made and trained, they had to find a way to pay for their trip to Canada. That’s when Junior came in and supported them by paying for their trip. Once arriving in Canada the team had faced many problems, but they had supported each other so no one would lose track of who they were and what their goals are. If I were to show the traits support and honesty like the Jamaicans did, then the traits will help me achieve my goals. If I am able to support my classmates then they’ll support me back. If I am honest with my classmates then they’ll be honest with me. If I am ever stuck or need help for my school work I can ask a classmate to help me or if they’re confused I can help them. In order for us to trust each other we have to be honest with one another so we don’t end up hating each other and getting in one another’s way of

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