The Movie 50 First Dates

Topics: 50 First Dates, Drew Barrymore, English-language films Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: April 4, 2010
50 First Dates is a great romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. In this movie Adam Sandler name is Henry Roth; and Drew Barrymore play Lucy. Henry is a veterinarian and a bachelor who lives in Hawaii. Henry spends every night with a different tourist with no-strings attached until he meets Lucy. Lucy is a special girl; very different from others. When Henry and Lucy met for the first time they immediately started to like each other. There was only one problem. They made plans to meet at the diner the next morning and when they did Lucy couldn’t remember anything from the previous day. Henry didn’t know about her condition until Lucy’s mom best friend told him; he was very confused. She told him about the car accident that Lucy and her father had been in. Lucy’s father had a few broken ribs and Lucy suffers from short-term memory loss and doesn’t know.

In order to keep Lucy from finding out about her condition her family and friends prepare the next day like it was the day of her accident. Her brother and father have this routine where they would place the same newspaper as the day of the accident outside on the front porch, repaint the walls, play this movie of the same football game and rewrap the gift Lucy gave her father for his birthday. The day of the accident was Lucy’s father birthday and they were going to pick out a pineapple; that was a family tradition. Once Henry found out everything he would try his best to get Lucy to remember things about her life as well as him. Everyday Lucy would do the exact same thing; however one day Lucy got a ticket from a police officer because of an expired tag, Lucy was very confused. Because she couldn’t understand how a year had gone by and she didn’t know.

Although Lucy family tried to keep her from being hurt they had to continue to tell her the truth. This time her father showed her the photos of the car accident and from when she was in the hospital, they also took her to the...
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