The movie “12 Angry Men”

Topics: Jury, Man, Logic Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Tajhe Lamarre
12 Angry men

The movie “12 Angry Men” displays many well orchestrated examples of the terms Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. Through this film many topics arise in order to reach a verdict on a young mans life. The boy was on trial for murder, and most of the evidence at first glance made him look guilty. Twelve jurors must reach a unanimous decision in order to convict this young man, but the task seems to be more difficult to accomplish as one of the men fights in the boys favor.

one could agree that a person is (for the most part) smart and can make responsible decisions, but when you have a group of people the way that they make decisions is much different. The man dubbed “Bubba” has a strong siding in the belief of the people, Bubba uses the emotion of the masses to fuel has arguments. The boy on trial is from a rough area where it is common to believe is a breeding ground for crooks and criminals, and any person with a brain could see truth behind that. It is unrealistic that you can sift through the evil and find the few good apples in the bunch, any person could agree with that. Bubba takes the values of an entire audience and uses them in his arguments; nobody can say that he is wrong but at the same time what he is preaching is not right either. Morally Bubba is a cold- heartless bastard who doesn't not fully understand the gravity of his decision, but since his argument is tied so deeply within the heart of his audience it can't go unnoticed

The man that goes by the name of “Slum Guy” brings experience that none of the other jurors can bring to the case. Slums is also from a rougher part of town similar to our defendant. Slums has experience from growing in these areas and is living proof that not everyone born from the gutter becomes a criminal. The stereo that Bubba pleads quickly loses weight as Slums is living proof against it. Slums also brings knowledge to the case about the murder weapon. He points out that the knife used in...
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