The Mountain Gorilla

Topics: Gorilla, Primate, Hominidae Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: January 9, 2013
The gorilla is the bulkiest member of the primate family; an adult gorilla may grow up to 1.8m high (although they seldom stand fully upright). There are three species of gorillas recognized worldwide. The most common race, the western lowland gorilla is not present in Uganda but an estimated 40000 live in the rainforests of west and central Africa. The endangered eastern lowland gorilla is restricted to patches of forests in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The most threatened specie is the mountain gorilla. Their total number is estimated to be only 700. Half of these mountain gorillas lie in Uganda. The mountain gorillas have become Uganda’s most major attraction and a truly Ugandan safari cannot be complete without tracking the mountain gorilla from Bwindi or Mgahinga National park. Looking into the dark brown eyes of these mammals is quite a memorable experience that Uganda other than any other destination in the world can offer.

Mountain Gorillas are characterized with a number of different features; these include; they generally have longer hair than the other subspecies. Their arms are longer than their legs. Whenever they are walking, they quadrupely knuckle walk, while supporting their weight on the third and fourth digits of their curled hands. Like humans and other primates, each individual gorilla has distinctive fingerprints. Looking at their size the male mountain gorillas are bigger than their female counterparts. Adult males have silvery white fur at their backs that inspired the name silverback. It is this silverback, which heads the family. Standing on two legs, an adult mountain gorilla stands about five and a half feet, weighing between 300 and 400 pounds. Females on average weigh only 200 pounds.

Mountain gorillas live in tropical moist forests. In Uganda they are found in the Afro-montane forests of Mgahinga Gorilla National park and Bwindi Impenetrable national park. They can also be found in Rwanda and The Democratic...
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