The Most Successful Societies Are the Ones Based on Confucian Thought

Topics: Confucianism, Confucius, Han Dynasty Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: October 14, 2008
Throughout ancient Chinese history, several philosophers led lives with efforts of “reforming a world seen as descending into chaos.” Inarguably, the most influential philosopher of his era was Confucius. Confucian thought provides detailed accounts of how life should be regulated to be successful. Three of the most extensively-covered topics in Confucian thought include The Superior Man, education, and government. Due to their precise accounts of how to maintain an orderly lifestyle, the beliefs concerning The Superior Man, Education, and Government allow Confucian principles to solely act as a method of organizing society. Confucian thought is highly-devoted to the idea behind “The Superior Man.” The Superior Man can be attributed to all individuals in society and acts as a guide for human behavior. According to Confucian principles, “What the Superior Man seeks, is in himself. What the mean man seeks is in others.” According to Confucian thought one must seek to establish oneself before seeking to establish others. By recognizing one’s own faults before seeking out the faults of others, a harmonious society is created. Confucian thought also recognizes the necessity to lead a humble life. According to Confucius, “The Superior Man is distressed by his want of ability. He is not distressed by men not knowing of him.” Individuals leading a humble lifestyle will act in ways which will develop themselves in society. This “Superior Man” will not become discouraged due to a lack of recognition for his actions. The Confucian concept of The Superior Man provides a foundation which serves as a guide to human conduct in a society. While the individual (The Superior Man) is important to a society, the development of an educational system is equally as important to a civilization. Confucian beliefs stress the importance of education in society. Furthermore, Confucian thought is centered on the belief that self-development is essential for education to occur. This...

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Confucius, The Analects, (September 6, 2008), Brooklyn College, Core 9 Reader.
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