The most pressing environmental issues facing Estonia

Topics: Estonia, Ecology, Environment Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: February 24, 2014
The most pressing environmental issues facing Estonia

Industrial age is now over and more and more people are starting to realize that a lot of harm has been done to the Earth and its environment during that time. In every field of business, companies are trying or being forced to make their business activity more economical and ecological. In Estonia, as well as many other countries, there have still remained some large scale polluters such as factories, mines, and large chemical plants, who haven’t put much effort into chancing their business greener and cleaner. Firstly, one major threat to Estonian environment is oil shale mines and power plant in Ida-Virumaa. It has been the main source of electricity in Estonia for a long time, maybe even too long. Making electricity from oil shale is not only expensive, it is also very polluting and mining is ruining soil and ground water. Nowadays there are much more efficient alternatives to producing electric energy. The company who owns those mines and power plant, Estonian Energy, is owned by Estonian Government, so why don’t they do anything about it? If we look at major ground water polluters and wasters in Estonia, we see that people, who leave water tap opened when brushing teeth, aren’t even one small bit of the problem. Large chemical plants and factories located in the eastern side of Estonia are much more harmful for the environment than all Estonian people together leaving their taps opened. The reason to this is that those manufactories aren’t willing to invest into decreasing their ecological footprint. If they don’t want to do it themselves, the market has do become favoring those, who are more sparing. It is crucial that every company in Estonia thinks bigger than its own wallet. If everybody does so, it becomes a trend and then it’s possible to make more money from being more cautious about environment. It is common among humans that ideologies chance when trends do. Then it is possible for...
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