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The Most Important Lesson of Our Life so Far

By YayaHjAmin Mar 20, 2011 310 Words
General purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To inform the audience about pick pocket and the lesson that we have learned. Central idea: While we continuing our live we have learn so many lesson for not being the victim of pick pocket which are placed valuable items in deep and zipped pocket, don’t trust people, and avoid crowded area.


I.Have you being in the same shoes as the person in the picture? ( show the picture from the slides show) II.Have you ever lost something when you are in public area? III.I have one time. I’m losing my old hand phone which is Nokia 3310. ( Catch audience interests) IV.As you listen to us speak today, you can be watch out the thief and pick pocket. We know that all of you love to went to shopping mall, taking (listener-relevance link) V.Today, we would like to share with you the lesson that need to remember for not being the victims of pick pocket. ( preview the main points) (Transition: We moved to the first lesson we learned)


I.Avoid putting all valuable things at the place can attract the pick pocket. A.Do not leave your purse loosely in the back pocket of your jeans/pants. Keep it somewhere hard to reach. B.If you still want to put in pocket make sure the pocket are deep and zipped. II.Don’t trust people.

A.These professionals will purposely dropped some coins in front of you , when you bend down to pick it up, your wallet will be long gone before you realise even you keep it in front of your pockets.

III.Avoid crowded area.
A.Beware if you are taking public transport e.g monorail or bus, please be careful as usually they will either work in a group or individual.

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