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Topics: Korean language, Hangul, Final examination Pages: 9 (2404 words) Published: October 10, 2014
KOREAN 101, First-Year Korean I, FALL 2014
Department of Linguistics
Section B, MTWRF 10:00-10:50, Bell 325

Instructor: Heewon Chae
Email address:
Office: 643 Baldy
Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 2:30-3:30, or by appointment

Course Description & Objectives

KOR 101 is the first half of the beginning level Korean, and is designed for those who have no prior knowledge in Korean. This course aims to train students to perform appropriate spoken and written communication in most essential daily life situations. This course will focus on mastering correct pronunciation, a writing system, and basic vocabulary and grammar used in carrying out simple real-life tasks. Students will learn how to speak, understand, read and write short sentences and paragraphs on concrete and familiar topics such as self-introduction, school and classes, daily activities, past experiences and future plans. This course will also introduce the Korean culture essential for a better understanding of the Korean language.

As a learner of Korean language, you are expected to:
1. come to class prepared by previewing/reviewing the lesson materials for that day (Find a total of at least 1- 2 hours every day to work on Korean). 2. learn and internalize the given material to the best of your ability. 3 notice and evaluate your own learning strategies and take the responsibility of learning 4. understand that language learning is the fun and exciting process of acquiring cultural and social knowledge of the foreign country 5. understand that second language learning is one of the hardest intellectual challenges that can be met only by perseverance.

Course materials

*Sogang Korean New Series Student’s Book 1A (New 서강한국어) *Sogang Korean New Series Workbook 1A (New 서강한국어)
*Spiral notebook used exclusively for KOR 101
* A sturdy folder in which you keep all of the handouts and materials for this course

Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment

correctly pronounce the Korean alphabet, 한글
read and accurately understand short sentences and dialogues with minimal glossary support

successfully complete all assignments and in-class activities based on an instructor’s directions given exclusively in Korean identify key words and do listening exercises on familiar topics presented by means of authentic and/or inauthentic materials comprehend simple greetings, questions, directions, and discourses by someone who is highly sympathetic to non-native speakers

write on familiar topics using vocabulary and structural patterns and communicate with an instructor and peers through writing write a script for oral presentations with glossary support

communicate with someone who is highly sympathetic to non-native speakers on basic everyday life situations, leisure activities, emotions and feelings, and academic life utilize present and simple past tense forms and interrogative and negative structures Written quizzes and exams including listening and reading comprehension portions will assess students' ability to use vocabulary, grammatical structures and expressions covered in the course.

Mini-tests will assess students’ ability to memorize and match vocabulary

Oral evaluations will assess students' ability to use the grammatical structures and expressions covered in the course.
Daily monitoring of classroom participation, in-class activities, and homework will assess students' ability to work productively, creatively, and critically

Written assignments will be used primarily to develop students' proficiency and confidence but will also serve a secondary assessment function for accurate, effective, and appropriate use of the grammatical structures and expressions covered in the course.

Cultures and Communities
understand manners in greetings in the most commonly used honorific form understand hierarchical...
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