The Most Frightening Experience of My Life

Topics: Cemetery, Burial, Family Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: February 2, 2012
The most frightening experience of my life
I have heard many people telling some frightening stories that they experienced in their lives. But those stories are not as terrifying as mine. It occurred in a foggy night in a small town called Luján in which i was accompanied by my boyfriend and my brother. Whenever I hear about Luján cemetery, it makes me recall a set of unpleasant feelings like fear and unease that I had once when I was there.

That day, in the morning, I was travelling with my family and my boyfriend to a peaceful and small town called Luján. While we were on the way, i was looking through the window; the leafy and fruitful trees daintily were swinging with the cool breeze. My father told me that day was the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. We decided to visit his tomb. Trough the day, my family and I were visiting all my relatives that resided in that place. At dusk, my parents were very busy to go to the cemetery. I suggested going at nightfall but they told me that I did not have to bother dead people at night, because many strange things could happen. I assumed that all those things were only superstitions. Finally, my boyfriend, my brother and I agreed to visit Luján cemetery.

At night, we were walking on a path that led to that cemetery .The sky was full of thick clouds and it was slightly foggy. The leaves and the twigs were ominously quiet, the air was freezing and we were chilled to the bone. At last, I saw a giant rusty gate. We supposed that it belonged to the cemetery. When we enter I could appreciate that it had a spooky appearance that it made my hair straighten up to see such terrifying place. Inside, we saw many rows of gravestones with extremely enigmatic carvings on them. When we were passing by the tombstones, suddenly we heard a strange noise coming from of a tomb. I felt a strange sensation and I was about to faint. We ran as quickly as possible screaming desperately, going out the cemetery.

Outside the...
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