The Most Formative Experience in My Life

Topics: Emotion, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Sometimes extreme decisions lead to the right path. This is why I think that the most formative experience in my life started when I decided to drop out of school back in June 2010. I’d never been so scared in my life, but after a serious metamorphosis I was able to overcome my fears and find myself doing something better that what I gave up on the first place When I started studying architecture back in 2008, everything seemed perfect regarding my career. Because I had overcome the aptitude test which really scared me, and also I had won a scholarship. All those achievements made me feel very excited and positive about myself and my future. All of the sudden I started to encounter many different events and people in my path, who helped to weaken my confidence and made me, lose focus from my main goal. When I started my studies my mom was away working and suddenly I had a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders .I was trying to keep up with my studies, which are very time consuming. And also I was in charge of the household chores. At that time things weren’t looking good at school either. I was being neglected by my teachers. They used to make fun of my work and undeveloped skills. Regardless of my efforts, my teachers never encouraged me to improve my weaknesses, by approaching me in a constructive manner. In addition to my teachers, I was my classmates target as well. In fact I believe my teachers’ behavior sat the example for them to be unpleasant to me too. The rejection I felt from my teachers and classmates was starting to affect me mentally and emotionally. I was feeling underestimated and depressed. I started to careless about my studies, in fact I was missing school and I wasn’t doing my homework. Therefore my negative attitudes lead me not to turn in my final project and that coast the lost of my scholarship. At that point of my life I didn’t have anything else to lose and I wanted to do something else with my life. My mom and I started to...
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