The Most Abundant Element: Aluminum

Topics: Aluminium, Oxygen, Chemical element Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: May 7, 2011
There are many elements out there in the world. There are about 92 elements on the periodic table. One of the most important and abundant element is Aluminum. It is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and the most abundant metal in the crust (about 8.3%). It occurs naturally and primarily in combination with silica, and as an oxide. Aluminum is frequently found in rocks and other essences of the Earth’s crust. The element Aluminum is an extremely important commercial metal. It ranges from aluminum foil to airplane wings. Aluminum’s Atomic Number is 13, its chemical symbol is Al, and it’s located in Group IIIA and Period 3 of the Periodic Table. Its atomic mass is approximately 26.98154 AMU. It has three protons and three oxidation states. Aluminum has a melting point of 660.32°C and a boiling point of 2518.85°C. The reactivity of aluminum is moderate. Aluminum was first discovered in 1821 near Les Baux, France, and its principal ore was named Bauxite. In 1825 was when Hans Christian Ørsted isolated Aluminum. Ørsted produced aluminum by reducing aluminum chloride using a potassium-mercury amalgam. In 1827, Friedrich Wöhler repeated Ørsted’s method, reacting volatilized aluminum trichloride with potassium to produce small amounts of aluminum. Both Ørsted and Wöhler are credited for the discovery of this element. As a pure element, Aluminum is fairly soft and a silvery-white metal. It’s usually found in nature combined with oxygen. Consequently of its low density, low cost and corrosion resistance. Aluminum is used widely around the world and it’s also considerably cheap. Since it has good conductive and thermal properties, it is used to form many hard, light, corrosion-resistant alloys. Aluminum is non-magnetic, non-sparking, heat reflective, malleable and an excellent electrical conductor. Because of its natural features, components made of aluminum do not rust like iron. Since aluminum is flexible, it is allowed for several types of...
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