The Moral Compass Essay

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The Moral Compass Essay

People always envy the freedom of birds. The birds can fly wherever they want, however they like. They don’t have the worries of traffic; they needn’t follow any rules. However, as people live within society, we have to follow the rules to make the society harmonious. Law is the basic level of the society rules. Anyone who violates the rule will get punishment. In this level, we can’t do anything we want to do, as there is law that set the constraints, but from another side, law is also protecting our freedom.

Ethical standard is another level of restriction and protection. People have different perspective of moral and ethic, which may cause misunderstandings or conflicts. From ancient time, the moral value of culture is a moral compass for individual morality. Nowadays, the modern society places a high value on the freedom of individuals to challenge the moral authority of tradition. Our initial moral capabilities are mostly shaped by influences of families, schools and ethic cultures in which we grow from birth.

As students of business school, we will be involved in complex business society in the future. The choice of our decision not only affects the interests of ourselves but also honor of Carey Business School. Carey Business Credo tells the ethic value of the school, which is “Teaching business with humanity in mind”. I think Carey Business Credo is an excellent moral compass for business students like us. It focuses on the inherent moral challenge of business: the competing values of people and profit.

As business people, to maximize profit is an ultimate goal for us and for companies we serve. However, sometimes we will face the dilemmas of companies’ profit and stakeholders’ interests. Customers, employees, suppliers and the whole society are all our stakeholders. How to balance the interests of different parties is a hard question for all the business people.

I read a piece of news recently, which relates to...

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