The Moose and the Sparrow Essay Writing

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The Moose and the Sparrow Essay Writing
In the story, there are many differences between Moose and Cecil. Moose is a big moose of a man, even for a lumber stiff, with a round flat unshaven face. He looks down angrily and dourly at the world. On the other hand, Cecil is a short and thin boy who is about nineteen years old. He has the looks of inquisitive sparrow behind his thick horn-rimmed glasses. Moose has been as sure-footed as a chipmunk and the best man in the log-rolling contest, and Cecil is a general handyman in Moose’s gang. According to the whole story, we can also find that Moose is old and bitter, and Cecil is polite and helpful. Based on the contrasts between them, it is not hard to imagine they do not get along well. There are two reasons. First, people always say that the same kinds of people are easy to get together. Obviously, Moose and Cecil are totally different kinds of people. Moose is irritated and strong, he needs to be strict to let his people listen to him. Cecil is the opposite side of him. He is weak and enjoys helping people. When they stay together, Moose must be angry when he sees Cecil’s weak and gentle face. In his mind, it is not the way to be a man so that this causes him to create difficulties for Cecil. Second, it is because of their different background. Cecil is a smart college student and has been sent out to the camp for the summer months by a distant relative who had a connection with the head office down in Vancouver, but Moose is just a normal person who fights for his life and does not well educated. Moose is jealous about Cecil. He wants to have the same life with Cecil and feels sad about the gap between Cecil and him. This disappointment makes his heat into jealous and cruel. He never thinks to improve himself; instead, he taunts Cecil and tries to ruin him to comfort himself. Ultimately, they do not get along because of their different personality and background.
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