The Moon Creation Myth

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The Sun and The Moon
“Mom, is the moon made out of cheese?” asked Jake.
I laughed. “If that’s what you want to believe, then yes.”
“What do you think though?”
“Well, scientifically speaking, the moon is made of rocks that once used to orbit the Earth, millions of years ago. But there’s a story that my grandfather told me that I really like.”
“Can you tell me about it?”
“Why, yes.”
Well, a very, very long time ago, there lived a young man who was very lonely and didn’t live with anyone but himself. His name was Charles. He yearned for someone that he could spend time with and love and care for. The young man soon got tired of his loneliness. One day, he asked the God to send down someone he could spend the rest of his life with together. “I’ve never felt this lonely and hopeless, in my entire existence! Oh, please bring someone that I can love and care for, for the rest of my life!” Charles prayed to God. Finally, the God had answered his prayers.

The God came down to Earth and said, “We will fulfill your wish but there are conditions. It takes so much of my energy to make humans. Why do you think you’re the only one on this planet? Since I will spend a great amount of time perfecting the love of your life and using my energy to do that, I have one condition. You can only see her once in the morning and once at night, fail to obey these orders, a great punishment will be served!” . “I understand! I understand! Thank you! Thank you so much!” Charles exclaimed. “Easy said, then done. Wanting and saying something is easy. It’s the choices and action one makes toward something in order to be rewarded. Farewell, for now.” Days had gone by and no sign of his one true love. Finally, one morning she came. She had a fair face, with rich, gold, curly hair that fell down to her waist. Her eyes were a bright aqua blue and they were quite captivating. Her voice was what had caused him snap out of his trance. “My name is Mirabelle. I know how long you have...
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