The Mongol

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Compare and Contrast Essay

Suspense a feeling of tension because the reader or viewer doesn’t know what’s going to happen. These two stories which I am going to talk about compare, good examples of suspense writing.The first story is “The Monkey’s Paw” written by W.W Jacob. The other story is “The Tell-Tale Heart” written by Edgar Allan Poe. In both stories the main characters have a hard time making the right decision.

To begin with, in the story “The Monkey’s Paw” it takes place in a small house in England during the late 1800s.The characters from this story are Sergeant-Major Morris, Mr and Mrs White and their son Herbert. Morris is back in England after spending twenty-one years in India.He tells the Whites about a magical monkey’s paw he got while he was away that gives its owner three wishes. Mr . White wants the monkey’s paw, and Morris lets him keep it. Morris warns the Whites that the wishes never turn out well and tells them to make only sensible wishes. Before bed that night, Mr.White wishes for a specific sum of money. The next day Herbert goes off to work as usual. A few hours later, a man arrives from his company to inform the Whites that Herbert has been killed in an accident. The man gives the Whites the exact amount of money Mr.White had wished for the night before. The Whites are devastated at the loss of their son until Mrs.White remembers the monkey’s paw. She demands that her husband wish for Herbert to come back.

Next,in the story “The Tell-Tale Heart” it takes place in a dark house, late at night. The characters from this story begins by telling readers that he is not insane. However, readers must wonder if he is telling the truth. He begins to describe his...
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