The Money Box by Robert Lynd

Topics: Essay, Mind, Self Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: August 13, 2011
The Money Box: Robert Lynd
Robert Lynd wrote under the pen name ‘Y.Y’. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest essayists of modern English literature. He was an Irishman and was educated at Belfast and started his literary career with delightful sketches of Irish life. After settling in London, he regularly contributed to the various newspaper and magazines. His range of interests was quiet large encompassing almost everything that caught his fancy. Some of his essays like ‘The Money box’, ‘On Good Resolutions’, ‘On Holidays’, suggest the vistas to which his creative mind outspread. His intelligent mind took fancy to most sundry things or thoughts and his art transformed it into an impressive piece of essay. ‘The Money Box’, is a marvelous piece of essay, full of humor and wit. In this essay, Lynd seeks to discuss an important tussle which every human psyche experiences: the desire of saving and the urge of spending. Lynd is of opinion that human consciousness is made up of two selves: one that saves and the one that spends. The self that wants to save is the wiser and it has all the reasons in the world to provide for the future. But at the same time, it is constantly challenged and is in conflict with the one that spends. The spending self loves every moment of the present and is desirous of living it to the fullest. It sees no reason why the joy of present should be forsaken for the gamble of future. The result is a tussle between the two selves much to the difficulty of the judge which is conscience. The essay is remarkably laid out with apt anecdotes, allusions and references. Money box serves as just the right tool to elicit the author’s opinion upon saving and spending. The essay begins with a colloquial dialogue between the essayist and his niece who is trying to figure out how to open the money box just before inserting a penny into it. A money box is nothing but an illusion of wealth and therefore an attractive pursuit; but the moment a few pennies...
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