The Moment I Stood Up for Myself

Topics: Humiliation, Abuse, Bullying Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The moment I stood up for myself
It’s my freshman year in high school, and I must admit, so far high school is even worse than middle school. Despite the fact that I have 1,675 more days to go to finally graduate, being bullied and named called is worse than eating my grandma’s Brussels’ sprout. After middle school, I had hopes that things would get better. I was always the laidback kid that had no friends. I’ve was always considered as the quaint and unusual guy who barely had friends. Despite all that, some days, I was both happy and sad; and I always tried figuring out how that could be. There were some days that it got really bad that I even had suicidal thoughts. I guess I was tired up of all the lonesomeness, the embarrassment, and the fear. I’ve always lived a lonesome life. My father left us, and it’s a shame to admit that my mother was a drug addict. School, was also such a burden; sometimes I even wonder how I still managed to go to school. With all the home issues I had, School added more to it. The students from my school would embarrass me, do pranks on me and made fun of me. The teachers were no exceptions. They also were unfair to me; they didn’t grade me fair enough the way I deserved to be. But nevertheless, I had dreams and ambitions. Despite the fact that I was alone and had no one to eat with for lunch and had no one to talk to during recess, the thought of getting an education and changing the soundtrack of my life was what kept me going on. Indeed, I was getting tired of all the embarrassment and maltreatment. Seniors would usually trip me down publicly and take all my lunch money. I was fragile and I could have never stood up for myself. There was this one day that I got so furious and I felt mortified. The incident is still clear and vivid. It was for lunch, and I was walking with my tray with food; until someone tripped me down. My world collided, I was stiff and my heart kept racing. The soda and food...
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