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The Moment

By KailingHearts1 Mar 13, 2013 761 Words
Francine found a white envelope with nothing written on the front under the pile of books when she’s cleaning her table. She opened it curiously, and there was a letter in it. She was so shocked when she saw the familiar handwriting of her best friend, Ashley. A tear rolled down her cheek after she read a few lines. It all started like this. Once upon a time, there was a girl I knew with brown hair and blue eyes. When she smiled, I smiled. When she cried, I cried. Every single thing that happened to me that mattered, in some way had to do with her. She was my pillar when I was falling, strong and concrete. She’d never leave my side until I was sturdy and standing tall. Years ago, we made a promise to each other that no matter what happens, we would always be best friend regardless of the distance between us. I still remember, it all started on the first day of kindergarden. It was a sunny day in January 2001, I was all alone with no one to talk to. Scared and nervous, but she walked over and started talking to me. I knew we would be best friend. We were closer than ever and we spent every moment together. Ever since then, it had been nothing but a strong friendship. On a clear summer night, I was staring up at the sparkling sky, swaying on the playground swing. My best friend of 12 years sat quietly on the swing next to me. Suddenly, there was a shooting star flying across the midnight sky. We were both excited and quickly made a wish. For the first time since we met, we would be separated as she was following her dream of becoming a journalist of the University of Connecticut which was located very far away. A few days ago, I collapsed at home and been taken to hospital by paramedics. A massive tumor was discovered in my brain. I concealed this news from her because I did not want to bother her with my medical condition. Both of us appreciated the precious moment very much. One of our favourite things to do together was shopping! When we were teenyboppers , we would shop endlessly! It always made me laugh when we pulled out the same item of clothing to show one another at the same time. Same thing never changed. When we were young, we used to spend our time at amusement park. Personally, I still love riding roller coaster. We always screamed our lungs out even though we knew we would lose our voice the day after. After she left for the university, I was sent to the hospital for treatment sessions. I had learnt to live like a warrior without giving up hope and dreams. I did not try to escape from the world, instead I tried to live my life like there was no tomorrow. These six major surgeries I had undergone or the chemotherapy I had gone through did not bring me down because I knew I had to fight patiently and peacefully against the disease. The word cancer itself makes people scared. It has become the synonym for death and so many people usually die even before the disease actually kills them. I believe: ‘’ Hope never abandons you, you abandon it. ‘’ ‘’ My dear friend, do not cry because it is over, smile because it happened. Wherever you go, no matter what happens, always bring your own sunshine. I truly felt lucky to have you as my best friend. Do you still remember that night when we saw a shooting star together? I wished we could be best friend forever. Francine, you’re an unforgettable character and the moments spent with you were the happiest moment in my life.’’ Francine wiped off her tears and put on a smile on her face. Some people live their entire lives without seeing a shooting star, just as some live their whole lives never having an unforgettable best friend. I should felt lucky to have been given opportunity to experience both of these mysterious wonders of life. Ashley, in a way was like my shooting star, appearing unexpectedly, real and unforgettable. Leaving me with permanent imprint, making a moment in time that will never be erased. Even though Ashley and that shooting star are no longer in sight, I’ll carry the memory of them always. Although the story between us did not end happily ever after, but that was the happiest moment in my life.

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