The Module of Sme Loan and Repayment Behavior of Customers Brac Bank Limited Case Study

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Internship Report On
The Module of SME loan and repayment behavior of Customers
BRAC Bank Limited Case Study

13th January, 2011
Mr.Shamsul Arefin
School of Business Studies
Southeast University
Banani, Dhaka

Subject: Submission of the Internship Report.

Dear Sir,
I am submitting my internship report titled “Module of SME Loan Repayment Behavior of Customers: A BRAC Bank Case Study” as Chapter ial requirement of internship program under BBA curriculum.

Thank you for assigning this report as it provided me with the opportunity to venture into the real life scenario and to broaden the horizon of my understanding on how syndication is arranged and all the work that goes into it. I sincerely hope that my work will come up to the level of your expectation.

Any query on this report is appreciated.

Truly Yours,

Md. Mizanur Rahman
ID: 2007010000171
15 Batch
School of Busines Studies
Southeast University
Banani, Dhaka

The successful accomplishment of this Internship Report is the outcome of the contribution and involvement of a number of people, especially those who took the time to share their thoughtful guidance and suggestions to improve the report. At the beginning I would like to pay my gratitude to the entire Almighty for the almighty for giving me the ability to work hard under pressure. I have the deepest gratitude to my respectable supervisor and mentor Mr. Shamsul Arefin, Lecturer, School of Business Studies, Southeast University. I am thankful to him for his continuous support and supervision, suggestions and providing me with valuable information that was very much needed for the completion of this presentation. Finally my sincere gratitude goes to my family, friends, classmates and colleagues who helped me whenever I needed. I would like to acknowledge the support provided by the following people:

Mr. Shamsul Arefin,
School of Business Studies
Southeast University

Mr. Hasan Jamal
Internal Audit and Inspection Legal, Regulatory and Internal Control DeChapter ment. BRAC Bank Limited.

Mohammad Sadek Hossain
Internal Audit and Inspection Legal, Regulatory and Internal Control DeChapter ment (SME). BRAC Bank Limited.

Ms. Israt Jahan (Evana)
Associate Manager,
Internal Audit and Inspection Legal, Regulatory and Internal Control DeChapter ment. BRAC Bank Limited.

My seven Colleagues of BRAC Bank Limited.
Friends and group-mates who helped me in preparing this report. Last but not the least; I would like to thank my Family and the Almighty for supporting me always.


This report aims at providing an overall analysis of the repayment behavior of the SME loan borrowers of BRAC Bank Limited. Before going to the analysis, it is mandatory to know something about the organization, its core products that it offers to its customers; about the SME loan, its classifications and the whole of its process starting from loan sanction to recovery and closing of the loan.

That’s why, in Chapter 1, I said something about the methodology of the report. How the data have been collected, how the study has been conducted.

I’ve made an overview of the organization, BRAC bank Limited, in chapter 2 where I had completed my internship program. Here I tried to focus the bank’s history of origination, its mission and vision, major segments and business units and major products and services.

Next, come chapter 3. The module of SME is the most vital Chapter if this report, where I gave my concentration. Here I focused on SME products, the terms and conditions of giving SME loan, enterprise selection criteria and documentation.

Then talked about the procedure of SME loan in Chapter 4 where I delineated the sanction, disbursement, repayment and closing of SME loan. After talking about the whole process of SME loan, I made an attempt to analyze the repayment behavior of SME loan...
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