The Modern Racist Paradigm

Topics: White people, Black people, Sociology Pages: 5 (1833 words) Published: August 6, 2008
Modern Racist Paradigm, page 1

A documentary “Refers to a film or video that explores a subject in a way the public expects to be factual and accurate. Documentaries may be balanced by including various view points, or they may be subjective, offering the viewpoint and impressions of one producer.” (PBS, 2007) When watching a documentary, we look at non-fiction sources and opinions. In this day and time, we have documentary’s that educate the young and give a considerable amount of information to stay informed, and knowledgeable of our surroundings. Therefore, the media has a certain amount of control on what we see as daily news. Everyday, we are unaware by the affect’s of what we watch, what we see, how we act, and speak. The Modern Racist Paradigm is a documentary which focuses on how media has affected us throughout the years, and how as time progresses we suffer from the ideological views that frames our society. “The medias the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s the power. Because they control the minds of the masses—Malcolm X” (Modern Racist Paradigm, 2007) Many people may agree they are not racist, or do not have racist opinions however, passive racism and internalized racism is just one of two subjects that allows this to be of great debate. Media allows for a norm or standard to be created and since European imperialism that norm has been set and acted on by Caucasian’s (White race). Any other ethnicity, race, or culture is considered the “other” which refers to the idea that if you are not what society considers as the norm, you are set back as if you are not equal in stance. Ultimately we have grown to associate a “positive” and a “negative” which makes way for outcasts in today’s society.

Modern Racist Paradigm, page 2 Who ever control’s the media, contains the power to influence a society and its youth generation. It began during European imperialism, colonialism, and expansionism. It was considered the “new imperialism” which occurred between 1880 and 1900, when European governments wanted to claim new territory. Caucasian people came, therefore, to rule millions of black and brown people in Africa and Asia. Ultimately, the affects of the slave trade in Africa and Asia still affects the later generations today. It should be well noted, that the reasons for imperialism were competition for trade, superior military force, European power politics, and a racist belief in European superiority. Due to this it is no surprise that: “Most of the decision-makers in North American news and entertainment media are white. Media ownership is mainly concentrated in the hands of white males; white journalists dominate the mainstream media; and white people hold most creative positions in the entertainment media as actors, writers and directors. All these factors contribute to the prevalence of whiteness in media, and help to reinforce white privilege as the norm.” (Modern Racist Paradigm, 2007)

Allowing for a standard or a norm to be created has its affects and negative implications; one being internalized racism or, the hatred of ones self. Today we do not seem to notice that this is occurring until we really take time to consider its idea. As seen in the Modern Racist Paradigm an experiment by a high school student in the US was conducted, where she took a white doll and a black doll and sat it in front of 21 black children raging in Modern Racist Paradigm, page 3

ages from 3-5. She asked, “Which doll would you prefer to play with? And which doll is the good doll as opposed to the bad doll?” (Modern Racist Paradigm, 2007) 15 of 21 children involved picked the white doll. This proves that children even from as young as 3-5 already associate “positive” with white, as oppose to any other racial group. Rather than thinking of the severity of...
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