The Modern Expansion of Cellular Phone Use

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The Modern Expansion of Cellular Phone Use
The Modern Expansion of Cellular Phone Use

Over a decade ago the house phone was such a remarkable advancement where it provided a person to call places over thousands of miles away. Then the ease and comfort of wireless phones came out. Now, the invention of cellular phones (a mobile telephone) is an excellent device to do business or call out for help when you need to. While for others it is a failure, annoying and a cause of accidents. “Today, cellular phones have become a necessity in a person’s pocket.”(VanLaecken, H.). In According to the site (, the last survey that was completed contained one million owners in 1999 of cellular telephones. A couple of years before that, cellular phones were very expensive, big, bulky, heavy and as colorless as black brief cases. Nowadays, they are inexpensive as before, small, thin, light and colorful, they were even installed in cars as accessories and part of their luxury. You can even browse on the Internet using your cellular telephone. I particularly chose this topic because wireless communication has been one of the major phenomenons for the past couple of years, it is growing incredibly fast and the future of this technology is unlimited. In my thesis I would like to state the question about the usage of cellular phones. How has the invention of cellular telephones affect our lives? Is it a necessity or a luxury? Never the less, there are necessary situations where the use of a cellular phone is needed, like being lost somewhere, a call has to be made in order to ask for directions, or a life threatening situation. Also, businessmen have the right to use cellular phones because it is crucially helpful and essential for their work.

“Today, cellular phones have become a necessity in a person’s pocket.” (VanLaecken, H.) This statement was supported by the fact that cellular phones are part of a human being’s life which provide security during the running of their business, accessibility whenever needed for an emergency and provides necessary communication between others without being tied up to their desks. However, using a cellular phone at all times and leaving it to ring in public is considered irritating, it is also medically proven that it slows down pace makers, shuts them down or even speeds them up causing problems for the patients. In addition, it disrupts navigational systems on an aircraft, which is considered a crime. (Anon., A.)

In recent years, the number of cellular phone subscribers has increased dramatically and so has the number of brain damage cases reported. This makes us wonder whether mobile phones are a cause of brain damage or not. In a recent study about the growing industry of cellular telephones, statistics state that their sales and profits have increased dramatically over the past decade by almost double, however scientists have proven that mobile phones cause cancer. From an article that I have read, a man came on to view on a national talk show and said that cellular phones caused his wife brain cancer. A professional radio frequency, Dr. Moulder stated after several studies that “radio-frequency radiation exposure had geno-toxic effects which directly damage DNA as most carcinogens do or epigenetic activity, thus causing cancer rates to increase without directly damaging genetic material.” (Medical College Of Wisconsin Physicians & clinics) They also stated that “depending on the distance from the tower the phone can release up to sixty percent of its power around the head, which in return can penetrate up to an inch and a half into the human brain.” (Young, V.J.).

Distraction of mobile phones can cause fatal accidents and kill people. It is a serious disadvantage to use your cellular phone while driving. Driving and cellular phones, don’t mix because safety should be your first priority, therefore using it will put your life and other people’s...

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