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Marie Joan Haskins

The model Paper "Current estimates indicate that the extent of addiction disorders, with the exclusion of tobacco addiction, involves approximately 32 million American" (James & Gilliland, 2005). To date there is no one single factor or explanation of Addiction. "Evidence shows that Addiction is the result of many heterogynous factors involving various combination of genetic,environmental,social,and psychology influences" (Kranzler & Li,2008).
There is no clear evidence or research that suggest that one clear model is used to diagnosis addictive behaviors.
The Biological Model Theory The Biological Model Theory suggest that addiction comes from our genetic make up. When a child is born it does carry many traits of the parents for instant the infant my look like their parents, laugh like, and make the same silly face that their parent makes. It is clear that humans pass on related traits to their offspring. Furthermore, when we visit the doctor in the united states we our given a full background questionaries to answer.It ask about our medical history,mental,and sometimes sexual. This is a questionaries designed to help the doctor predispose his patience to a variety of disease using their family history. In that case passing along Addition trait would not be unpossible, on the other hand this writer agree with the genetics Scientist Mendel. He theory show the relationship between offspring and the parents because of the sim ary traits produced in the of spring of the parents. Like matter if a mother uses thorough out her p regency while on heroin her off spring likelihood be born addicted. The question is did the parent pass a genetic trait to that offspring? What is the likely hood of that child that was born addicted could inherit a addition trait that will be passed on to their offspring. According to Mendel it is possible because the

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