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Topics: Homework, Sleep deprivation, Student Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Megan Zealer
Professor Rogers
ENG 101
April 10, 2013

Taheri, Morteza, and Elaheh Arabameri. “The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Choice Reaction Time and Anaerobic Power of College Student Athletes." Asian J Sports Med (2012): 15-20. Web. The purpose of this study was to find the effect of one night’s sleep deprivation of anaerobic performance and to see how well one reacts to subjects that following morning. The study included eighteen male college athletes and tested for peak power, mean power, and reaction time. The results of the testing showed that sleep serves as a function of cognitive restitution and attention mechanisms.

McAllister, TW, Flashman, LA, and Maerlender, A. "Result Filters." National Center for Biotechnology Information. U.S. National Library of Medicine, 29 May 2012. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. This study is trying to determine if exposure to repetitive head impacts in a single season affects cognitive performance negatively. They tested 214 football players that were involved with hard hittins between each other. They were tested before and after season. A few differences were found showing that it may impact learning in some college athletes.

Hurley, Terry. "Stress on College Athletes." LoveToKnow. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. This study is explaining how college athletes have a lot of stress they are dealing with. Exspecially their first year of college getting used to living on their own, being away from family and friends, the fear of not playing in their sport. Then once they get further into college the stress is still there with homework, studying, social life, job, and peer pressure. It lists some of the side effects that stress can lead too. Then it goes into ways that you can relieve some of the stress they are going through.

Wilson, Gregory, and Mary Pritchard. "Athletic Insight - Comparing Sources of Stress in College Student Athletes and Non-Athletes." Athletic Insight - Comparing Sources of Stress in College...
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