The Mobile Tower Crane Cheaper, Quicker, Better

Topics: Construction, Crane, Pulley Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Tower cranes are leviathans that lighten man's bigger burdens. Construction work at larger building complexes cannot be handled without the help of tower cranes. The huge crane is generally the most conspicuous sight at a construction site. It is a mammoth bit of machinery, and the human being who controls its operations appears like a tiny speck atop it. The main part of a tower crane is its central mast. What is known as a slewing jib, which is the crane's long arm that can be rotated in a full circle, as well as a slewing unit, is attached to the top of the mast. The slewing jib is a long lattice structure, triangular in shape. The slewing unit is the motor and gear mechanism which enables the slewing jib to rotate in all directions.

There is a trolley that runs along the slewing jib and this trolley lifts the objects and materials to be moved HZS120 Batching Plant, and positions them at the required point. The lifting mechanism consists of pulleys and wire ropes that are attached to the trolley and the jib, along with Forklift attachments. To lift bigger weights the load has to be positioned nearer to the mast. Lesser loads can be maneuvered even if they are hung at the tip of the crane's arm. The power to lift and move the loads is provided by the motorized winch located at the other end of the jib. The crane operator's cabin is attached to the top of the mast. The operator controls the movement of the jib, and thereby the lifting and positioning of the loads, by means of joysticks and other push buttons on the control panel located in the cabin.

The size and weight of tower cranes makes balancing of the crane very important. The central mast of the crane is anchored to a concrete base at the construction site with anchor bolts specially designed to take up the stresses and loads of such a huge machine. This concrete foundation HZS150 Batching Plant, that supports the crane at the site ,

has to be constructed according the crane manufacturing...
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