The Mistakes We Make Leading Kids

Topics: Family, Mother, Parent Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: October 17, 2014
 There has always been the argument of whether it is harmful for both parents of a pre-school child to work outside the home. In my honest opinion, it’s definitely harmful for both parents of a pre-school child to work outside the home. For one, without either of the child’s parents present during the day, he won’t feel safe without them. Another reason is it is harmful for both parents of a child to work since there will be less family time. A third reason and perhaps one of the biggest ones is more stress for the parents. Any child of any age would feel protection if he or she is being supervised by one or both of his parents, much more a pre-school child, and when both of the child’s parents are working, that feeling of protection goes away. For example, the child could have an accident playing outside and he will have someone supervising him whether it’s a babysitter or a grandparent, but nothing compares to the feeling of protection by one’s parents. There are situations that may occur when a child is not being supervised by his parents. The person taking care of the child doesn’t have the love that the parent has for that child. Therefore the possibility that the supervisor mistreats the child increases. If the child is being mistreated, he will try to run to someone for protection but since his parents are both at work, he will start thinking he doesn’t have his parents’ protection. As a result, I believe it is harmful for both parents of a child to work many hours outside the home. Family time is very important early in a child’s life. As the child grows, whether he had plenty of family time or not will, have an effect on the decisions he/she makes in his/her life, and shapes the person he/she will become. I believe this because of what I’ve personally experienced and observed throughout my young life. My cousin and I are the same age, and the same gender. The only difference is that he grew up with both of his parents at home and I grew up with...
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