The Mission Statement

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A mission statement serves three purposes that contribute to a college's function: A mission statement guides and inspires the college; a mission statement advertises the strengths and virtues of the college; and a mission statement distinguishes the college from its peers and rivals. Because a college's mission statement is intended to reflect the mission of the college, it should be used, and is used, to guide decisions within the college. For example; in a community, where authority is shared among many people, a mission statement can guide effectively only if it both accurately depicts the character of the institution, its values, policies, and practices, and inspires members of the community by portraying an ideal that we believe in (McClellan, G. S., & Stringer, J. (2009). According to Branstord (2000), the role of guiding and inspiring the college explains why the mission statement is so often taken as the starting point for the process of accreditation. At the same time, a mission statement tells the world what the college intends itself to be A mission statement succinctly describes a college's fundamental values, purpose, and vision. Hence, many people look to a college's mission statement as a first indicator about the institution -- an early clue about how well they would fit in. A college can and should rely on our mission statement to recruit both students and faculty. A mission statement can also aid in development, as it tells potential donors why the college's activities are worth funding. If a mission statement clearly guides an institution, then those who are drawn to the statement will realize that the mission statement is more than just words. When these people join or fund the college community, they will strive to further support the mission. A mission statement must distinguish an institution from its peers. Particularly for purposes of recruitment and development, but also for guidance, a college must suggest why it is different from...
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