The Mission Chapel

Topics: Santa Barbara County, California, El Camino Real, Lompoc, California Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Martin Lawag
Roger Hall
Hist 119
May 15, 2012
La Purisima
A.) The mission chapel is beautiful. The beauty of this chapel can compare to the Santa Barbara one. They both are bright in color. When in the chapels I get a warm feeling. Old artwork. Kind of built like an ancient style building. Candles light up the room.

B.) The natives daily duties consisted of mixing mud with straws to make adobe bricks to build. The Spanish soldiers lived a more foreign like lifestyle because the mission and their teachings were rather new to the natives. Some natives were blacksmiths and would build and repair the tools of Spanish society. Gradually, Chumash stone implements gave way to iron and steel. The Natives also lived by three basic laws. Limitation; this meant each individual should recognize and accept his or her limitations, and not envy those of others. This mean that each member of the tribe should be happy in their abilities, for they all had equal value in the community. Moderation; take only what you need from the land and the ocean. Leave some for future days and future peoples. The same goes for your tasks; better to take your time than make a mistake which would render all your work useless. Compensation; give without expecting anything in return, give from the kindness of your heart, and recognize the fact that compensation comes in many forms which are not always tangible. The Natives were physically and spiritually united with nature, and did not waste any part of any animal they killed, or any plant they pulled from the earth. They lived according to "nature's time", and believed that man's greed and desire for supremacy could eventually lead to his downfall. They had a rich spiritual heritage, documented through their magnificent pictographs and petroglyphs, songs, dances, and legends. The Chumash lived life in balance with nature, and they were ready for any situation they would encounter in their daily existence and their tasks. As a...
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