The Missing Piece of My Life

Topics: Bar, I Decided Pages: 7 (2791 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Kaitlyn Otto
Professor Hochmeister
English 1301
11 February 2013

The Missing Piece of my Life

There’s something so intense about falling in love. It’s this all natural high, which you become so addicted to. It’s a gentle brush of a hand and the immediate embarrassing thought process that follows of wondering if it was on purpose, or the ever intense butterflies fluttering around in your stomach every time you see the glowing light from your cell phone, wondering if it’s that person calling you. I remember being consumed with this feeling two and a half years ago, when I first met this amazing man, I now get to call my best friend, and partner for life.

I had just started my new summer job. It was a sports bar, filled with young girls running around innocently flirting with their customers. It was a fun job. We all walked around with the kind of care-free attitude eighteen to twenty year old girls can have, being silly and bouncing around all day. It was a well-lit bar, windows on every wall, and extremely loud. Between screaming sports fans, the chatter of the waitresses and the music that was always playing, it was exactly where an eighteen year old like me wanted to be, a constant party.

I remember this night so vividly, it’s like it happened yesterday. I had been working a thirteen hour shift for the third day in a row, I was exhausted. I was the only waitress on, since everyone else but the bartender had already gone home for the night. There were a select few of our regulars, just sitting around enjoying their drinks and talking amongst themselves, as I went from table to table saying quick one liner’s and hurriedly taking orders. At the end of the bar there was one of the regulars I was used to seeing every night, then I noticed next to him was this guy I had never seen before. He immediately caught my attention. He was a very strong looking man, like he could break a glass if he held it too tightly. Sitting hunched over his beer, not as loud as his friends around him, but still laughing and joining in on the conversation. Just from that brief glance, I knew I wanted to meet him.

I went on working, trying to hide my interest in him. All of a sudden I hear my manager calling out to me, and I turn to find that he is standing next to this man who had grabbed my attention. The regular customer and the manager of the bar were being as obnoxious as they could be, introducing me to the strong stranger. The way only men act, when they are very obviously trying to embarrass a friend. He had this shy smile to him, and I could tell he wanted to kill them. I decided to take over and extended my arm to shake his hand, “hi, I’m Kaitlyn” “Kyle” he replied. Then I walked off, to try to eleviate some of the awkwardness, and not get sick from the over whelming amount of butterflies I had fluttering in my stomach.

The next night was a UFC fight night, which is big in sports bars. I had thirteen tables at once, and was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to satiate all of their needs. I looked towards the door and saw him walking in, my strong stranger, Kyle. He was by himself which I thought was strange. He walked right up to me in the midst of all of the craziness and asked me if I could get him a beer, then he sat by himself. After about five minutes I turned and he had left. Later, I would find out he was trying to find a way to ask me out, but lost the nerve when he saw how busy I was.

Finally, one night, he was in the bar with his friends again; they all decided after we closed all of us, my friends and his, were going to go to the bar next door. I was so nervous, and excited at the same time. I had been thinking about him so much. It was like an instant magnet between us. There was of course another girl vying for his attention, but he wasn’t having it. It was playful jokes, and the sweetest kind of flirting that whole night, both of us trying to find...
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