The Minoan Civilization

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History Of Architecture

Building: Palace Of Minos. Dates: 1700-1400 BC. Time period : Bronze Age. Location: Knossos,Crete. Civilization :The Minoans.

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, South of Greece, lays the island of Crete refuge of the lost civilization of the minions.The island is first refereed as "Kaptara" at the Syrian city of Mani dating from 18 000 BC; Also known as "Keftiu” from the fresco of the Tomb of Rekhmire in the valley of the kings in Egypt. The island's length is 260 km from East to West and its width is approximately 60 km from at the center where the island is the widest and as little as 12 km on it's narrowest point; Crete is the biggest Greek islands and considered to be one of the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea.

Clement Pentier

History Of Architecture Crete has history of unstable geological conditions due to its placement within the Neogene Extensional Basin which is surrounded by the African and Arabian tectonic plates who both share a South-North velocity; together with the Anatolian tectonic plate, pushing east to west,the island of Crete always has been effected by geological phenomena. From 20,000 BC through 8 300 BC, also called the Paleolithic , there have been no evidence of human occupation on Crete's soil. Archaeological evidence points to the island's settlement between the late 8 000 and early 7 000 BC ;However, it was not until 5000 BC that the first signs of advanced agriculture appeared.

The Bronze Age began in Crete around 2700 BC ; At that point the Cydelic culture start to spread within the Greek islands while in the mainland of Greece the Helladic culture is dominant. Similar to its surrounding islands, Crete is characterized with a typical Mediterranean climate; The year is usually dominated by intense summers and its winters are soft. Since the Neolithic, this weather eased The population of the island, produced a rich, flourishing agricultural tradition, using the island’s natural resources and which resulted in Crete being a significant port of commerce for nearby Egypt, Syria, Cyprus, the Aegean Islands and the Greek mainland. The Minoans where insulated into their island but had a great connection to theirs surroundings trough the ocean . Timber was one of the natural resources that was abundant in the island and it was highly exploited but besides timber the Cretan plantation were producing sufficient amount of food supplies to support the local population, and for exports and also cypress wood, wine, currants, olive oil, wool, cloth, herbs, and purple dye. Its imports consisted of precious stones, copper (most likely from Cyprus), ivory, silver, gold, and other raw material. During that era children would usually continue their parents carrier ,this enabled the upper classes to practice leadership and to expand their influence quickly. This resulted

Clement Pentier

History Of Architecture by the replacement of the original hierarchies by a monarchist power structures for the creation of the great palace; The Minoan civilization on Crete showed then a promise of greatness. The development of the civilization reached a climax when in 2000 BC, a centralized power system, ruled by a single king emerged. Knossos,the presumed capital of was founded about 1900 BC ,At the beginning of his reign the kings was given all the power and the first large palace came into being and later on excavated by the English archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans. By 1900-1700 BC most of the people lived in larger coastal settlements and were used as centers for maritime trading, such as Chalandriani on Syros, Ayia Irini on Kea, and Dhaskaleio-Kavos on Keros, during the palatial era these larger settlements where holding the different palace. The Minoan exposes a rich,and flourishing cultural aspect as well ; Within the palace Columns were many and varied, and the walls were highly decorated with frescoes.Its motifs are colored in polychrome and full of movement; The most...
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