The Mind of the Strategist by Kenichi Ohmae: Book Review

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Book Review
The mind of the strategist The art of japanese Business By Kenichi Ohame

Submitted by : Maninder Pal Singh, MBA (GEN), SEC -B

About the author

Kenichi Ohmae is a business and corporate strategist who developed the 3C's Model. For twenty-three years, Dr. Ohmae was a senior partner in McKinsey & Company, the international management consulting firm. As a co-founder of its strategic management practice, he served companies in a wide spectrum of industries, including industrial and consumer electronics, finance, telecommunications, food and chemicals. Born in 1943 in Kitakyushu, he earned a BS from Waseda University, an MS from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a doctorate in nuclear engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and subsequently worked as a senior design engineer for Hitachi. He then joined McKinsey & Company, becoming a senior partner, developing and running the company's Japan operations for a number of years. Ohmae has written a number of books, including "The Mind of the Strategist", The End of the Nation State and The Borderless World. He now lives in Tokyo with his wife and two sons.

About the book

A Masterful Analysis of Company, Customer, and Competition
“In many ways, Ohmae can be considered the modern reincarnation of a much older guru, Adam Smith.” -Journal of Marketing “A fascinating window into the mind of one of Japan's premier strategists…full of ideas about how to improve strategic thinking.” -Michael E. Porter, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University

Kenichi Ohmae-voted by The Economist as “one of the world's top five management gurus”-changed the landscape of management strategy in The Mind of the Strategist. In this compelling account of global business domination, Ohmae reveals the vital thinking processes and planning techniques of prominent companies, showing why they work, and how any company can benefit from them. Filled with case studies of strategic thinking in action, Ohmae's classic work inspires today's managers to excel to new heights of bold, imaginative thinking and solutions. Since being originally published in 1975 in Japan and 1982 in English, this becomes has almost become a bible for strategists and business enthusiasts and students. It has sold over 200000 copies worldwide and been translated into many languages.

In his landmark book, Ohmae concentrated on the thought processes behind Japan’s successful strategic thinking, described what strategic thinking is and offered both a conceptual framework and practical advice on its application.


The Author tries to show that there is no set busienss rules and that truly great businesses are born from great strategy and that all comes from a great strategist and he examines the one thing all great strategists have in common, their way of thinking. The book itself is divided into three parts:

PART 1: The Art of strategic thinking

In this part, Ohmae writes about the important things that must be consieder upon formulating a strategy, the analysis required, possible ways to gaining strategic advantage key factors and how to build on an advantage that you may already have. It also teachers the reader that they shouldn't always concern themselves 100% with what competitors do, but work on maximising their own strengths. Ohmae also reveals the secret of strategic vision, in which he explains terms such as strategic tunnel vision, a condition that occurs all to often in the business world as executives under pressure and stress seem to be less and less open to new things and lose sight of other options available to them.

PART II: Building successful Strategies

In this part Ohmae suggests ways in that strategies that have already been succesful can be built upon in order to...
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