The Mind's Eye

Topics: Perception, Sense, Visual perception Pages: 4 (1673 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Akash Mitra
Prof. Shalini Purohit
Rough Draft

Seeing with My Eyes Wide Shut Perception is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. Building from the last essay on “The Eyes of the Skin” we can conclude that to absorb all our surroundings we need to use our senses in conjunction with one another. But what happens when we lose our sense of vision? We are required to compensate for this sensory loss through a better understanding and utilization of our other senses. Sacks in his essay “The Mind’s Eye: What the Blind see” has done just so. He recalls various accounts of people who have lost their sight at some point of time in their life and how they’ve coped to not only deal with their loss but far better themselves. Sacks main point of clash in his essay is whether the brain is plastic and could be mouldable or whether it’s predestined and can’t be moulded later on in life. The jist of the Eyes and the Skin is that the world is ocular centric and there’s an unhealthy hegemony towards vision. These two essays are intricately interconnected in the fact that both speak of a fuller understanding of the world around us through a fuller utilization of our senses. Sacks starts out with Hull’s account and how Hull not only managed to cope with the trauma of blindness later on in life but he used it as a catalyst to further improve his other senses. “He seemed to regard this loss of visual imagery as a prerequisite for the full development, the heightening of, of his other senses.”(305) After Hull became visually impaired he started depending more heavily on his other senses. His ocular centric world faced a challenge (it might even be considered to be nonexistent) and he rose to it. The disability helped him in learning the true potential of his auditory impulses and he saw the world through his ear. He could correlate the raindrops to the garden, bushes and pavement and in the process opened himself up to a...
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