The Miller's Tale

Topics: Love, Marriage, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: April 5, 2013
In the United States, there is a high percentage of divorce rate due to cheating, lying, dishonesty, and unfaithful. All these elements are aspect of forming and being in a relationship. This pertains to a tale titled, “The Miller’s tale” by the author, Chaucer. John Carpenter did not realize that his wife have been cheating on him. John deserves better, the one who would not take everything for granted and appreciates every little thing a person do. Chaucer employs the fabliau in “The Miller’s tale” to create a contrast and tension between Idealistic love and honor and realistic love and dishonor when persons of status and education abuse their position for their own self-interest.

The marriage between John and his wife, Allison shows the symbolic of idealistic love. Chaucer says, “This Carpenter had wed a wife/ Whom he loved better than he loved his life.” (89), a quote expressing John’s affection for Allison. Ironically, in the marriage, only john feels this way. John has not taken new and big responsibilities when one gets married. Allison is only eighteen years of age and has not matured enough to take care of herself. She has given her word to be together with John for better or worse, loves another.

The relationship between Nicholas and Allison is the real definition of realistic love. Allison’s affection for Nicholas is beyond a crush since she fell for his intellectual and sweet words. As Chaucer says, “And Allison right softly down the sped/ Without more words they went and got in bed.” (100), a quote indicating how much Nicholas and Allison are madly deeply in love. Their feelings are so real to the point where it might get lusty. John on the other hand is so caught up not realizing he is a cuckold. His love for Allison is not equivalent to the amount that his wife gave in return.

Nicholas is the symbolic of abusing his status. Although Nicholas is intelligent, he is not street smart. As Chaucer says, “Fell in love with this young wife to you...
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