The Millennial Generation

Topics: United States, United Kingdom, Generation Y Pages: 3 (1204 words) Published: December 6, 2011
The past generations in America, the Baby boomers and generation X, showed they could be great in their time ,but now as it becomes more and more evident the previous generations left a number of problems that the Millennial generation must deal with. The Millennial generation will become the rebirth generation for the United States of America to reclaim its seat atop all the world’s top powers. The problems left behind, the solutions that will be needed, the worlds view on the United States, and the rebirth of the United States greatness is all in the hands of the millennial generation.

Previous generations of America have left behind numerous amounts of situations that left this country in an extremely fragile state. The national debt is at an all-time high due to over spending and the reliance of bad credit that generations now base their entire way of life. The American Dream of old, has now become the rebirth generation’s nightmare. A child born today in the United States is born with a debt due to its government that has reached over 34,000 dollars. The need to live a life style out of one’s means has been planted in our middle class society and grown exponentially leading to the worst economy the United States has seen since the Great Depression. If something is not done, the economy will self implode and America could regress so far that it would be the end of capitalism and the United States of America as it is now known. The Millennial generation is left with a task of rebuilding one of the greatest economies in history. The task is to stop the ever growing debt from putting the United States in a hole it cannot climb out; taking that and creating economic growth that gives jobs to the unemployed and reestablishes our nations credit amongst the world. Something great must arise from these extremely troubled times.

This “Rebirth Generation” will have to create great change in our current society’s mindset. The United States will have to adopt...
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