The Military

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“The Military”

In my session long project I will be talking about how the US military uses strategic choices are made when moving into another country to help establish democracy within there country. Also, the major decision factors the military has to take into consideration before entering another country. With this, I will also elaborate on the choices differ depending on the country the military enters.

With many companies out there using the strategic concept I will base the military somewhat similar to what a company goes through with decision factors going into another country. Being in the military and taking business course has helped me a lot understanding how a major move from the US abroad to another country. Before moving into another country the planners that are starting to get direction from the head honchos start getting prepared for a strategic move for the armed forces putting over 100000 soldiers in another country. Factors are taken into consideration when facing an international strategy with management and planning. With the planners making the right recommendations acquiring all information from where, when, how and what type of intelligence is out there in case there is threat are well analyzed before any movement into another country. As an example I will use will be a country overseas that we are currently helping establish democracy. Having been there twice and making observations on how the information flows from the Pentagon all the way down to the units mobilizing from days to a couple of weeks needs to be carefully planned. From using external sources to help out shipping vehicles and personnel into another country needs to be carefully planned upon receiving the orders to start packing up for a deployment. With the President making a major decision to go to War one has to have the right equipment with the right personnel ready for action upon the Presidents orders. With the planners making a timeline from the time they...

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Military Experience
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