The Middle East

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The Middle East was my area of choice for this class. I had a lot of different reasons for my choice. One of these reasons is the fact of what I am faced with every day when I turn on the news with the massive number of U.S troops that are serving, fighting, and dying in this region of the world. I was hoping that by choosing the Middle East I would find out some of the reasons why nation’s leaders feel that these people and nations are such a worthy cause. The Middle East consist of these 16 countries Bahrain, Cyprus ,Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan ,Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen

The first week of this class I jumped right in and started reporting on things that I felt a person with interest in what is going on in the Middle East would want to find out more about. My week #1 Regional Report reads like this “Arab uprising: Country by country-Syria”

 This article seemed to tell a little about one of the major conflicts goings on in right now in the Middle East. There is a massive war going on in Syria.  It states in the article that I chose that “The wave of popular unrest sweeping the Arab world came late to Syria, but since the first protest in March 2011 in the City of Deraa at least 15,000 Syrians are thought to have been killed.” It seems that at the start, the demonstrator’s had been asking for freedom and an end to the crimes that were taking place in their country. In return it seems that the government has taken a military law stance that has in fact pitted one side against the other.  The military on one side and civilian opposition groups on the other. The opposition has said that it has a goal that includes the removal of the sitting president Bashar al-Assad and the Baath Party elite.  While the government says that it is in fact fighting against domestic terrorism in its country. The total civilian death toll is over 7,000 thousand people, so it is said. They also believe that they are the victim of an international conspiracy seeking to destabilize the country. It seems that Syria has in fact been suspended from the ranks of the League of Nations and sanctions have been imposed. They had allowed an observer in but dismissed when they did not like the Leagues plan to have the president relinquish power. In February-March when Horms was under intense scrutiny when it was reported that hundreds of civilians were killed.  Koni Annan has since been brought in as a fresh observer to try to put forward a peace plan. Even with this entire taking place it the blood shed continues, and it looks like any stop to it is a long ways off.  It seems that the president had promised reform when he came into power in 2000 but has not kept his word. Now it seems too late to reconcile the differences.  

There always seems to be a lot of this type of conflict going on in the world, and I see a lot of it happens in the Middle East. What is going on in on in Syria is only one thing of many things that seems to be broken in the Middle East. This conflict has been coming for many years. This is what happens when government turns a deaf ear on the people that have put then in control. It becomes blind to the suffering of the people they are supposed to be taking care of. I really think that someone needs to put an end to this president for life’s reign of terror in Syria. Arab uprising: Country by country – Syria
BBC News World
My first article talks a lot about the war and civil unrest that is taking place in Syria, so I felt the need to provide a little more about the conflict that is taking place. Sometimes we can forget as American’s because we tend to be so protected by our civil rights in this country, that freedom is really not free, and someone had to pay a price for the rights that a lot of us take for granted every day on a regular basis.

I was able to find a wonderful video at...
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