The Micromax Mobile Phone

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User Manual

Thank you for purchasing this Micromax mobile phone. To obtain the best performance of your phone, please read this user manual carefully.

Table of Contents


1.1 Safety Precautions4

2.1Phone and Accessories5
2.2To Lock/Unlock6
2.3Your Phone6
2.4About your phone6
2.5About SIM Card and the Battery6
2.6To switch ON and OFF7

3.1To Add a contact7
3.2To View a contact7
3.3To Call a contact7
3.4To Edit a contact7
3.5To Delete a contact8
3.6To Copy a contact to phone memory8
3.7To Move a contact8
3.8Send a contact8
3.9Add to Blacklist8
3.10Caller groups8
3.11Phonebook settings8

4.1Call waiting9
4.2Call Barring9
4.3Call divert9
5Call Logs10

5.1Missed calls/dialed calls/received calls/blocked calls10 6Messages10

6.1Write SMS10
6.2SMS Inbox10
6.3SMS Draftbox11
6.4SMS Outbox11
6.5Sent items11
6.7Delete Messages12
6.9Message settings12
6.11Broadcast Message13
7Phone & Call Settings14

7.1Customized General Settings/Phone Settings/ Connection Settings14 8User Profiles15

8.1User Profile Setup15

9.2Image Viewer16
9.3Video Recorder16
9.4Video Player17
9.5Music Player17
9.6Photo editor17
9.7Sound Recorder18
9.8Slide show18
9.9FM Radio18
10Fun & Games18


11.1To Activate/Deactivate Bluetooth Connectivity19
11.2To Search/Inquire Audio Device19
11.3To Search My (new) device19
11.4Active Device19

13File Manager20

14WAP & JAVA Services21

14.1WAP Browser21
14.2WAP Setup21

15.1STK Services22
16Inputting Text22

17Phone Suite22


19Taking Care of your Device24

20After Services25


1.1 Safety Precautions

Please read through the following briefings carefully, and act in accordance with these rules, so as to prevent causing any danger or violating any law. Safe driving
1) Do not use the phone while driving. When you have to use the phone, please use the personal hands-free kit. 2) Please put the phone safely in the phone stand. Do not put it onto any passenger seat or any place from which it may fall down in case of vehicular collision or emergency braking. Turn off during a flight: Flight is influenced by interference caused by the phone. It is illegal to use a phone on the airplane. Please turn off your phone during a flight. Turn off the phone when within an area where blasting takes place: Be sure to strictly observe the related laws and statutes by turning off the phone when you are within, or in the vicinity of, an area where blasting takes place. Turn off the phone when any dangerous goods are in vicinity: Please turn off your phone when you are close to a gas station or in the vicinity of any place where fuel and chemical preparations, or any other dangerous goods are stored. In hospital: Please obey the related rules or bylaws of the hospital when using your phone in a hospital. Be sure to turn off your phone when near any medical equipment. Your use of any wireless transmission equipment, inclusive of the phone, will interfere with any medical equipment that is not protected fully, and other electronic equipment items, too. Should you have any question in this regard, please consult a related physician or medical equipment supplier. Interference: Each and every phone’s performance may be affected due to radio interference. Professional service: The phone must be installed or repaired by no other personnel than professionals. You are likely to suffer a huge risk when you...
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