The Mibrobiome

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The Microbiome
Jessica Isch
Assignment 1
BIOL 1333-012
The purpose of this lab is to look for and identify microbiomes in pond water as well as distilled water with beans in it to further expand our knowledge of living organisms. With each test, identification is attempted and documented. After observations it was concluded that both samples contained microorganisms but only the pond water showed mobile organisms. Hypothesis:

I expect to see organisms from two distinct biomes because of the origins of the two water samples. Due to this I expect to see different living organisms in each sample. From the pond water I expect to see both consumers and producers, whereas the bean water will contain only consumer organisms. Procedures:

Take six beans from the experiment bad and place them into the 50-mL beaker. Then fill the beaker hallway was with distilled water. Position the beaker in a warm location (preferably 22 degrees Celsius), and leave for three to four days. Examples of good locations would include the kitchen near a stove, a utility room near a hot water heater, or under an incandescent light fixture. Good locations include the kitchen near a stove, a utility room near a hot water heater, or under an incandescent light source. Monitor the water level each day. If needed, slowly add enough distilled water to keep the beaker halfway full. Collect a sample of bean water by using the dropper provided in the dissection kit and place on the center of a clean microscope slide. Use a toothpick to spread the drop over an area about 1 cm in diameter. Then use a slip cover to cover the drop of water to minimize the movement if the water. Position the slide into the holder on the pocket microscope provided in the lab kit and focus on the bean water. Try to find organisms that grew in the bean water. Draw what you see in your lab report.

Remove the slide from the microscope. If no or only a few organisms were observed, rinse off the slide...
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