The Mexican Revolution

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Mexico’s Revolution

Ariel Elias

HIST 112

Proffesor Cummings

17 February 2013

Ariel Elias
Professor Cummings
Hist 112
17 February 2013
Mexico’s Revolution

Many nations across time and the world have experienced a revolution. From the American revolution to the French revolution, history has proven conflict can engage a nation at any moment. Tanter explains that two possible scenarios, changes in the economic development and the level of education are likely to cause revolutions (Tanter 264). A revolution can be composed of a group of individuals who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in exchange for change in the existing government. This group of people will stop at nothing until they have completely taken over the territory they wish to control. What was the reason and who played a critical role in the Mexican revolution? Mexican political leaders and the common people would play an instrumental role in the positive or negative impact of the Mexican revolution. During 1910 and 1920, Mexico underwent a difficult and bloody time that would lead to many years of little progress in this nation’s history. The Mexican revolution is not a globally known revolution and most Americans would not initially compare it to the American revolution or understand the impact it had on Mexico. Knight states that compared to other revolutions, during the Mexican revolution many more people fought, died, and more land was destroyed (Knight 28). Some of the reasons the Mexican revolution began was due to the biased distribution of land, education, and wealth. The Mexican farmers and middle class were tired of the government treating them unfairly. The man in control of the nation during 1910 was President Porfirio Diaz. President Porfirio Diaz had ruled Mexico with an iron fist. Knight states that President Diaz had begun as an Army officer who had risen...

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