The Method of Scientific Investigation

Topics: Scientific method, Theory, Falsifiability Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: December 9, 2013

The Method of Scientific Investigation

Scientific investigation in my own words is when someone breaks down a problem to find a solution scientifically, but there can be more to it than just investigation a problem scientifically. Thomas Huxley explains scientific investigation in more depth in his “The Method of Scientific Investigation” essay, what is he trying to say in this passage? It could be many things, it could be nothing or it could be something, we’re basically trying to find out what he is explaining when he talks about this certain “scientific method.”

His meaning of scientific investigation is very detailed that one must use the operations of induction and deduction in their everyday lives, and it’s very much true but we don’t notice it not one bit. For example; if you go and buy a cell phone you basically examine it and see it suits your lifestyle and liking, this is called induction, you were analyzing and tracing its logical elements. Huxley as well states something similar but towards a person buying an apple in a fruiterer’s shop. Huxley states, “You take up one, and, on biting it, you find it is sour; you look at it, and see it is hard and green. … The shop man offers you a third; but before biting it, you examine it, and find that it is hard and green, and you immediately say that you will not have it, as it must be sour, like those that you have already tried (Huxley 2).” Buying a cell phone, shopping for an apple, or buying anything, you will in fact do some induction, it’s all in the method of scientific investigation, you generalized the facts and came to a conclusion on your final decision on buying the product or not and then that’s when you start deducting your choices during this method.

Although, people perform inductions and deductions without even knowing that they are, they also perform hypothesizes. A hypothesis to me is an educated guess, as to Huxley; a hypothesis just means that you are coming to a conclusion...

Cited: Huxley, Thomas. “The Method of Scientific Investigation.” Autobiography and Selected Essays. Copyrighted in 1909 by the Riverside College Classics Press. Ed. Ada L.F. Shell. New York City. Print.
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