The Messenger

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The Messenger 1. The Envelope on p.118 contains an ace of clubs and a letter. What do we learn about the fate of ‘Mr Edgar St’?
We learn that ‘Mr Edgar St’ has gotten on a train and left the town. 2. What is written on the ace of clubs?
On the ace of clubs it says; say a prayer at the stones of home. 3. How did Ed end up at the river near his home?
The guy that hopped into his taxi led him there and refused to pay, so Ed gave chase. 4. What is written on the rocks?
There were three names written on the rocks, Thomas O’Reilly, Angie Carruso, Gavin Rose. 5. What does Thomas O’Reilly do for a living?
Thomas O’Reilly is a priest 6. Why doesn’t the priest live at the church?
He doesn’t live at the church because it is hard to help people there, he lives in the bad area so e can help people. 7. After attending church what does Ed realise he must do?
Ed realises he must get people to come down to the church in order to help people 8. How does Ed entice people to attend church?
He entices people by offering them free beer at the church 9. Tony O’Reilly is Thomas’s brother. 10. How successful was the church service and explain what happened at the end of the service?
The church service was very successful as most people in the town came down because of the free beer. At the end of the service he sees Thomas and Tony O’Reilly sitting down and talking.

Pages 177-232

1. The police show up, what does Ed have to do?
He has to scrub the paint off the road 2. What is Angie Carusso’s family situation?
Her family situation is that she was a teenage mother and has three children and she is trying to provide for them. 3. Describe Gavin Rose
Gavin Rose is 14, wears a permanent sneer and he is a teenage smoker. He is a complete bastard and his family is just as bad. 4. What is Daniel doing to his younger brother (Gavin)?
One night, their fighting escalated and Daniel beat the absolute crap out of Gavin.

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