The Merchant of Venice and Portia

Topics: The Merchant of Venice, Shylock, Portia Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Portia: Is thy name Shylock?
Shylock: Yes.
Portia: Of a strange nature is the suit you follow. (To Antonio): You stand within his danger, do you not? Antonio: Ay, so he says.
Portia: Do you confess the bond?
Antonio: I do.
Portia: Then must the Jew be merciful.
Shylock: On what compulsion must I?
Portia: The quality of mercy is not strained; it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath: it is twice blest, it blesses him that gives and him that takes. It becomes the throned monarch better than his crown. It is an attribute to God Himself; and earthly power doth then show likest God’s when mercy seasons justice. Shylock: My deed upon my head! I crave the law, the penalty of my bond. Portia: Is he not able to discharge the money?

Bassanio: Yes, here I tender it for him in the court. Yes, twice the sum. If that will not suffice, I will be bound to pay it ten times o’er on forfeit of my hands, my head, and my heart: If that will not suffice, it must appear that malice bears down truth. I beseech thee, wrest once the law to your authority: To do a great right, do a little wrong, and curb this cruel devil of his will. Portia: It must not be. There is no power in Venice can alter decree established. Shylock: A Daniel has come to judgement! O, wise young judge, how I do honour thee. Portia: I pray you to let me look upon the bond. Shylock, there’s thrice thy money offered. Shylock: An oath, and oath, I have an oath in heaven.

Portia: This bond is forfeit and lawfully by this the Jew may claim a pound of flesh to be cut off nearest the merchant’s heart. Be merciful: Take thrice the money and bid me tear the bond. Shylock: I insist to have the penalty.

Antonio: I call upon the court to give the judgement.
Portia: then do prepare your knife.
Shylock: A Daniel has come to judgement! O, wise and upright judge. How much more elder than thy looks! Antonio: I am prepared.
Portia: You, Merchant, have you anything to say?
Antonio: But little. I...
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