The Men we carry in our Minds

Topics: Gender, Woman, Man Pages: 2 (920 words) Published: May 17, 2015
The Men we carry in our Minds
            It is men who get to be the President and the politicians, it is men who get to be the CEO's, it is men who all the joys and pleasures of life are given.  This is what the women say, they say men have all the advantages of life that it is so much easier for them to get ahead, that it is unfair that they can work prominent positions of work, while the women are reduced to child raising and homemaking.  Do the women of Scott Sander's essay "Gender and Identity" really see everything though?  In the new age it is the women who truly have more advantages in the world.             The woman who say this are telling it from a very different perspective then what it truly is.  There is something far deeper then what their seeing and what their not seeing is that they do have all the advantages men do have and then some.  They complain that there aren't many woman in government, but in truth how many women actually run in government positions against the men?  How many actually go to school to learn how to become those Stock-brokers, CEO's, bankers, architects?   They say they have no chance to become like their father that they admire with such vigor, and when they say this, they believe it and they do not pursue their dreams, but instead do what they believe is expected of them.  They become housewives and secretaries.  The servants to the men in their opinion.  It is not man's fault for continuing this stereotypical lifestyle of women; it is their own fault for taking those positions and promoting the stereotype.             No, it is not the men who have it lucky.  Men are expected to have these positions by both the men and the woman.  It is an expectation that if failed to meet, you will be looked down upon by all your colleagues and your friends.  To see it best, think of it as a competition.  Competition is how virtually all men are raised, and just like in sports men compete in their work as well.  Among a group of...
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