The Men We Carry in Our Minds Analysis

Topics: Observation, Writing, Essay Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: September 19, 2012
An Analysis of “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”

Alex Pinto

British Columbia Institute of Technology

LIBS 7001

January 29, 2012


In the essay, “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”, Scott Russell Sanders discusses his perspective on men in comparison to the impression that women carry in their minds. Sanders uses a unique way of writing through narration and life experiences to truly illustrate his point that the impressions of men or women are based on ones own life experiences. As a young boy knowing only of the hardships of workingmen, Sanders later experiences drastic social differences when he receives a scholarship to attend a university “meant for the children of the rich”. His use of men and women in his personal experiences depict an un-stereotypical approach to convey his message to his audience. This analysis of Sanders’ essay will observe the organization of the author’s ideas, the essays’ purpose and audience, and the effectiveness to illustrate his views of men and women.

First appearing in a local journal called the Milkweed Chronicle, Sander’s essay is clearly meant to persuade the audience of local writers and artists to seeing his point of view. By using vivid images and experiences he can effectively connect to this audience to convey a particular impression. “The nails of their hands were black and split, the hands tattooed with scars. Some had lost fingers”(para. 3). Sanders uses this type of narration throughout his essay to support the position of men but also display both sides of the story to conciliate a woman’s point of view. “I did not realize –because such things were never spoken of – how often women suffered from men’s bullying” (para. 8). His organization of personal observations and comparisons of both men and women over time build rapport with the audience and give the impression that he is writing an honest assessment of the situation.

Highlighting his...

References: Sanders, S. R. (2010). The men we carry in our minds. In J. Reinking, R. van der Osten, S.A. Cairns, R. Fleming (Eds.), Strategies for successful writing (4th Canadian ed.), (pp. 536-539). Toronto: Pearson.
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